Genesis CITI has partnered with City of Cape Town in empowering citizens with coding skills and developing a workforce to increase the number of IT developers.



G-CITI has partnered with WCED & DEDAT to:

  • Empower citizens with access to broadband and basic digital skills through I-CAN Project
  • Provide support to the E-Learning Dept of WCED in drafting material for Cyber issues related to bullying and safety
  • Empower students with digital skills aligned to subject matters during school holidays


Genesis Community IT Initiative (Genesis-CITI) is a non-profit organization (NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) to support the needs of individuals with digital literacy, social innovation and entrepreneurship. Founded in 2014, Genesis CITI has successfully implemented various skills programmes that have impacted more than 8000 individuals. Schools, resource centres, government agencies, private companies and other non-profit organizations have been impacted through the Genesis CITI programmes. Genesis CITI regards itself as a vehicle for social change and digital transformation.

African Ideas is a strategy and innovation consulting firm focused on Africa. Our consulting services focus on strategic planning, research and disruptive innovation especially related to the impact of digitisation across society. We collaborate with companies and governments to devise transformative growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products, services and solution that improve people’s lives.

A key focus area relates to helping Governments accelerate the benefits of ICT enabled change through transformation of the public sector and the wider economy. African Ideas brings together people with a track record of success in delivering social, economic and public sector transformation. At the heart of African Ideas is a team that has worked at top global organisations and who led some of the country’s most ambitious and successful programmes of e-transformation.


Masterskill, is one of South Africa’s leading providers of IT and Business educational content and services to training centres, tertiary education institutions and corporate organisations.

Partnerships such as this allows Masterskill to deliver a quick turnaround time when the latest courses, technologies and examinations are released into the market. This is all because Masterskill has solid agreements with courseware and certification partners who are closely aligned to international vendors. Masterskill can support learning through gamification platforms and using the Microsoft Imagine Academy to track learners online.


Sonic Telecoms is one of the fastest fixed wireless broadband ISP, in South Africa, Sonic Telecoms will meet all needs as they have broadband fibre technology offering secure and reliable connectivity.

Furthermore they have a keen interest in growing and supporting communities.Providing a 20MB connectivity line to the I-CAN Centre for the past 3-years and continuing their support to this facility. They provide home, SME, business and Enterprise solutions.


G-CITi has partnered with African Ideas, Masterskill and Sonic Telecoms to:

  • Understand product development and product pricing to develop products and programmes that are relevant to the community, government and private sector. In this way, funding from various sectors is attracted and reliance on government grant funding is reduced.
  • Develop new innovative ways to support and manage education, using technology to shape the environment
  • Support education material and teaching methods to impact positively on learners
  • Manage the process to assist learners to be be ready for the working world and bridging the gap between secondary and tertiary education
  • Explore new ways of working to help transform business operations.
  • Build skills, assist local entrepreneurs to organise themselves, and market the network of local entrepreneurs (impact sourcing). Impact sourcing is a sourcing practice which focuses on providing meaningful jobs and other related opportunities in socio-economically disadvantaged areas where there is high population but low employment due to lack of investors.
  • Position and market the programmes of the centre more effectively – both within the community as well as a to a broader stakeholder group of potential customers and funders.
  • Access organisations at a senior and strategic level.


G-CITI has partnered with Microsoft SA & Google SA to:


  • Promote Microsoft training to unemployed youth to obtain international certification to saturate the digital workforce
  • Support Microsoft products for learning and providing affordable
  • Use Microsoft and google raining to address the digital gap in society
  • Use Google platforms to promote cloud enablement and cyber safety
  • Use google platforms to advance education in various subject matters





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